We Turn Hours Into Minutes

Skip the customs lines and save hours of your time by letting us manage your NEXUS process

Your Destination, Fast-Tracked

NEXUS Pass Online helps you fast-track your travel, so you can spend more time relaxing and less time waiting in line at airport, seaport, and land crossing customs. We manage your NEXUS application process for you to ensure it’s done right and as quickly as possible, giving you a hassle-free travel experience. Our members also enjoy exclusive benefits to make the most of their newfound time. Explore all the benefits below.

Skip the Lines

It can take hours to get through customs and security lines. Once approved for NEXUS through our managed application process, you can cut the lines and enjoy expedited entry into Canada and the US, giving you more control over your time.

Done For You, Done Right

Filling out cumbersome governmental paperwork is tedious and time-consuming. Incorrectly filling out one little space will result in a rejected application, meaning you start over. Let us take care of the process for you to ensure accuracy and that your application gets through as quickly as possible.

Cut Through Red Tape

Why navigate the complexities of the NEXUS process and application when we can do it for you? Running into red tape is frustrating, and there’s a lot of it when you’re trying to gain pre-check approval. From complex applications to nerve-wracking interview processes, we’re your advocate to help you easily navigate it all.

Industry Expertise

Our team boasts decades of experience navigating Canadian and US border policies and security regulations. We've helped thousands of Canadians more easily gain entry to or through the US by leveraging our deep industry expertise and commitment to customer service.

Perks You’ll Love

We don't just get you more time back--we help you use it in awesome ways, too. Our members enjoy perks like access to premium airport lounges and discounted lodging packages at 4- and 5-star hotel partners in the US.

Responsive Customer Service

Travel plans and needs can change at a moment’s notice. That’s why our customer care team is always available when you need us. When you call, we answer, never leaving you in a sticky travel situation.

What Will You Do With More Time On Your Side?

Find out by registering for one of our packages and discover how our done-for-you NEXUS application services help you get more out of your travel.