Nexus Pass Online

Who We Are is owned and operated by Travel Flow Services Inc. we are a travel documentation services firm committed to making travel between the US and Canada quicker, saving travellers more of their precious time.

Leveraging our expertise in Canadian and US border security and cross-country travel, we help travellers expedite their entry into the US from Canada, saving them time and hassles typically associated with the process.

Our main expertise is partnering with our clients to secure NEXUS approval, giving them access to shorter wait times at customs and a host of program member benefits. Our done-for-you NEXUS application services ensure our clients’ applications are done right and get approved as quickly as possible so they can skip the lines and make more memories.

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Our History

Recognizing that most travellers face red tape and complex government systems and applications to travel across the US-Canada border, our team has now expanded its services to eligible Canadians looking to save time when traveling by air, sea, and land with our NEXUS application services.

Our Mission

Nexus Pass Online, Inc. aims to help our clients reclaim life’s most valuable resource—time. Through time-saving NEXUS application services, exceptional customer service, and perks that help them optimize their newfound time, clients can enjoy a less stressful travel experience.

Our Vision

We aspire to be the choice travel documentation services and pre-check services provider for all Canadians looking to travel to or through the US.