Everything you need to know to make traveling between the US and Canada faster and easier

What Is NEXUS?

NEXUS is one of five United States Trusted Traveler Programs. This traveler pre-check program is jointly administered by the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA). Launched in 2002, NEXUS expedites the entry process through customs for low-risk and pre-approved travelers entering the United States and Canada by air, land, and sea.

US citizens, US lawful permanent residents, Canadian citizens, Canadian permanent residents, and Mexican nationals who are members of Viajero Confiable are eligible for NEXUS.

How Do I Get a NEXUS Pass?

The NEXUS approval process consists of multiple steps and can take months for approval. Below is a summary of the process. 

Determine Your Eligibility

Gather Required Documents

Complete the Application

Pay the Fee

Schedule Your On-Site Interview

Your NEXUS Card

Your NEXUS card grants you access to all of the program’s benefits. It is also Real ID compliant. Once you receive your card, you can use it to enter the US through air, sea, and land.

For air travel, NEXUS is available at most major US and Canadian airports, allowing you to skip long customs lines and use a NEXUS kiosk to verify your identity.

For land travel, most major US entry points accept NEXUS and have special NEXUS designated lanes.

For sea entries, NEXUS partners with over 400 marine reporting sites. Every member on your boat must have a NEXUS pass to use NEXUS benefits for entry.

How Much Time Does NEXUS Save?

Regulations require you arrive at an airport 3-4 hours ahead of time when crossing international borders. Your wait time at customs can significantly vary depending on passenger volume, including up to that entire 3-4 hours.

NEXUS cuts your wait time to mere minutes, giving you more time to relax, unwind, or explore the airport before hopping on your flight. Simply use the NEXUS lane, swipe your card, and quickly make your way through customs and security check points.

Let Us Use Our Expertise to Save You More Time

Nexus Online Pass, Inc. saves you time by simplifying your NEXUS application, getting you approved and on your way to new adventures.